Today I would like to introduce you to the Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller for the PS4, the PC. Many thanks to the Nacon team for providing this copy. The official page for ordering the controller can be found here.

The content:

To begin with, I would like to report on what you get when you purchase the Revolution Unlimited Pro. When you open the packaging, you will find a bag where you can store everything. This contains all objects very compactly. In addition to a cleaning cloth and instructions, you will of course find the controller itself in it. There is also a 3m long USB-C cable, a USB Bluetooth device and a small box. This box contains different weights, concave or convex buttons for the L3 or R3 button and two additional shafts to give the sticks more leeway or to limit them more.

The Revolution Unlimited Pro:

Let’s now turn our attention to the Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller. This can be used either wired or via Bluetooth. For the latter you need the already mentioned Bluetooth USB stick. You connect this to the PS4 and immediately have a stable connection. If you have several such controllers, you have the option of adjusting the stick so that there is no interference between the Bluetooth connections. The controller can also be connected to the PS5, but can only be used there for PS4 games.

As can be seen in the pictures, the sticks are asymmetrical. Since I usually only use the Dualshock or DualSense controller, I thought at first that I had to get used to it, but I didn’t. My fingers immediately adapted to the new circumstances. Of course, the Revolution Unlimited Pro also has a headset connection. It has buttons to adjust the headset volume up or down, to set the communication mode and to select the game mode. More on that below. The handles are non-slip.

Retrofitting and reprogramming:

The Revolution Unlimited Pro initially felt lighter than the Dualshock and therefore of course also than the DualSense. To counteract this, or if you just want it a little heavier, you can open a chamber on the back of the controller handles into which you can put a weight. You can choose between 10g, 14g and 16g. Even with 16g more per side, the controller has a pleasant weight and feels good in the hand. I found the size of the controller to be very appealing. As already mentioned, there are also concave and convex buttons that you can swap out as you wish. Pulling it off is very easy. You don’t have to use any real force. If you remove a button, you will find a removable shaft underneath. This indicates the freedom of movement of the sticks. I had to replace it as it was too loose for me when testing the controller at The Binding of Isaac. This is also very easy and you have 3 different widths to choose from.

In addition to the hardware modifications that can be made, owners are also able to reprogram the buttons on the controller. The program for this can be found on the respective product page. Installation is quick and the program is self-explanatory. With this you can, for example, change the key assignment or change the color of the player control lights or dim them and much more. The controller is also suitable for PC use. This usage is one of the game modes. The three modes are: PS4, PS4-Advance and PC-Advance. You can save different key assignment patterns and keep them on call. The controller has two extra buttons on the inside of the handles, which can be assigned.


I have now tested the Revolution Unlimited Pro for a week. After about 7 hours, you need to slowly recharge the controller. I tried it in different game genres. Whether it’s the Binding of Isaac, Monster Hunter World, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Bioshock, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, or even Telltale games mentioned earlier, they all played great once I made the changes I felt comfortable with. With that, I can recommend the controller to anyone who wants to have an adaptable and high-quality controller.

Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro - Rating

8.3 Great
  • Build Quality 9
  • Features 9
  • Design 8
  • Price-Performance ratio 7
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