Today I would like to introduce you to the SyncLights from the website Das Trendprodukt. Many thanks to DAS Trendprodukt for providing 2 SyncLights to show you. One normally costs €25.95, but you can currently get it for €13.95. If you buy several at once, you save a little more. Here you will find an overview of the offers:

What you get:

If you buy a SyncLight, you will get a small stand next to the device to stand it up, a USB-C charging cable and instructions. The latter is only readable in English and Chinese, but it’s not too hard to understand. 

Now for the SyncLight itself:

The different features:

Highly sensitive microphones are built into the SyncLight. It has 4 levels of brightness and 5 levels of speed. There are also 18 different color modes. The device has intelligent noise reduction algorithms.

Benefits of SyncLights:

Of course, before you can use the SyncLight, you have to charge it. So that you know how far the charge status is, the whole thing is displayed to you with LEDs. If one light is green, it is less than 25% charged, with two lights you have a 25%-50% charge, with 3 lights again 50%-75% and with 4 lights then 75%-100%. It takes a little less than an hour and a half to fully charge the device. With a full charge it lasts between 4-5 hours with continuous sound. To turn on the device, hold down the power button on the back for a long time. If you press it again shortly, it shows the current charge level. There is also the mode/speed button. If you press this briefly, you switch between the different modes of how the light is displayed exactly. So it can run classically from bottom to top, the other way around, shine permanently, shine from the middle or towards the middle, etc. Holding the button down changes the speed of how the lights move. Next to it is the Color/Bright button. With this you can change the color of the lights with a short press and change the brightness with a long press.

Conclusion with personal experience:

I tested the SyncLights several times at different times. Of course, it’s much more impressive when used in the dark than in daylight. But what you can see anyway is that it reproduces the sounds very skilfully. The louder and “stronger” the sound, the more the light deflects. Personally, I have to say that with a relatively large and bright TV, the lights can go down a bit. But it really comes into its own on a smaller screen. If you play music on a record player or a system, the SyncLight can really shine. Due to the many different settings, the sounds can be played back as you wish. They also offer plenty of variety. 

A few example clips with music coming from vinyls:

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