Lila’s Sky Ark is the latest title from Monolith of Minds and is the prequel to Resolutiion . It adds a whole new chapter to the story of the Red Code universe. You can find out more about this in one of our interviews ( here or here ).

Many thanks to Monolith of Minds for providing the review code.

The Story of Lila’s Sky Ark:

In Lila’s Sky Ark , players slip into the role of the eponymous Lila. She wakes up on a floating island, which is immediately attacked by a pink army. To stop them, she sets out to awaken four giant spirit animals, each with their own problems. Along the way, however, Lila also has to find out who she actually is and why she is suddenly here.

But even in addition to the main story, there are many secrets to be discovered in the world. All the characters that Lila meets are written very charmingly and are bursting with individuality and personality. Gradually, as the story progresses, it becomes apparent how the game fits into the Red Code universe. However, I don’t want to reveal too much of the story at this point. There are also various letters to discover that reveal more from the past.

Gather, Throw, Fight:

In Lila’s Sky Ark there are many different enemies to defend against. But Lila doesn’t run around with a sword or anything like that to defend herself. Instead, she uses everything in the area and throws it at the opponents. What initially seems quite simple turns out to be very varied due to the variety of objects and enemies. For example, there are blocks of wood or jugs that can be used for simple throwing, titan eyes that cause strong area damage or so-called laughing bands that split up after impact.

In addition to the normal enemies, there are of course also bosses. These vary not only in appearance, but also greatly in the way they fight you. For example, there is the quartet that first attacks you individually in different ways, before they then attack you as a duo and then as a whole team. On the other hand, there is the pianist, who keeps you moving with attacks similar to bullet hell. This brings the game even more variety to the players. The fights, both against the bosses and against normal ones, gradually become more difficult, while there are never too big jumps in difficulty. This never leads to frustration.

Of course there is more to discover in the world of Lila’s Sky Ark besides the enemies . Players have to solve various puzzles to advance. You gradually learn new skills in order to explore the world in new ways. So it is worthwhile to visit places that have already been visited before. The urge to explore is always rewarded with this.

The world and sound of Lila’s Sky Ark:

Lila’s Sky Ark comes in a chic pixel look. The world is divided into different areas, all of which are connected by individual paths. These areas all have their own style and therefore their own personality. This is further supported by the music. This is also the case with the bosses. In addition to unique designs, each of them comes with a personal boss theme that fits perfectly with the upcoming battle.

The technical aspect:

Lila’s Sky Ark ran on a LincPlus 1 laptop without any stutters or crashes the entire time I was testing it. The controls of the game are very easy to remember and easy to use. The loading times are almost non-existent. If you use the game’s fast travel system, you’ll be at the selected location within a second. The game can also be played without a mouse. That’s how I played it through.

Conclusion :

A beautiful adventure awaits players with Lila’s Sky Ark . The varied fights and the interesting story are captivating. The very good soundtrack and the optics reinforce the immersion even more and let the players take a look into the Red Code universe that makes you want more.

Rating - Lila's Sky Ark

8.5 Amazing

Lila's Sky Ark takes players on a pleasant journey with a lot to discover. They meet charmingly written characters with their own personalities. In addition, there is a well thought-out combat system and varied opponents. The overall package is rounded off by the pleasant pixel look and the very good soundtrack. The game makes you want to discover more of the Red Code universe.

  • Story 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Sound 9.5
  • Variety 8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0
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