The UPERFECT team kindly provided us with one of their most popular portable monitors so that we can test it extensively for you. This is a 4k monitor with touchscreen function and numerous other features that we will go into more detail on below.

Specifications – UPERFECT 15.6 monitor

The portable monitor from UPERFECT has a 15.6 inch LCS IPS display with a maximum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels / 4k. The panel can display a total of 16.7 million colors with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. The color range is 99% sRGB / 72% NTSC. The refresh rate is 60 Hz and the brightness is 300 nits at the highest level. In addition, the monitor supports multi-touch inputs and the integrated gyro sensor automatically detects whether the image should be displayed horizontally or vertically.

Due to the excellent screen-to-body ratio of over 80%, the monitor is ideal as a travel companion. With the external dimensions of 35.6 cm x 23.6 cm and a depth of just 5 mm or 10 mm at the base, the screen easily fits into any backpack. Speaking of the base; The stand is an integral part of the monitor and cannot be disassembled. Because all the inputs that would be there are integrated here: 2x USB-C, 1x mini-HDMI, 1x micro-USB and a headphone connection. Using a hinge on the base, the monitor can be set up between 45 and 90 degrees or, if desired, completely level with the table.

Impressions of processing and screen quality

Of course, a promising data sheet alone is not enough to be able to give a conclusion about the monitor. Much more important is the actual impression you get during daily use.

Let’s start with the processing of the UPERFECT monitor. When you first examine it, you realize that this is a very high-quality product. The entire housing including the base consists of two precisely cut aluminum blocks (screen and base) which have been painted matt black. The full use of aluminum gives the monitor an excellent feel and strength. All ports are accessible via the stand, which is directly connected to the monitor and can be adjusted thanks to two hinges to adjust the viewing angle. On the left side of the base is the on/off button, a micro USB port for power supply and a 3.5mm audio output. The right side has two USB-C ports and a mini-HDMI port. All ports are fixed and leave a positive impression. I’m confident they will remain functional over time. The two slots on the back of the foot are responsible for the stereo sound output. The built-in dual speakers serve their purpose and are sufficient for occasional video meetings. If you want to enjoy a broader soundscape, you should tap the sound via the 3.5mm connection and use headphones or an external speaker.

Depending on the area of ​​application, the monitor can be used with just one USB-C cable to the source. An external power connection to the monitor is not absolutely necessary. Only certain scenarios require the additional power supply.

Ideal second monitor for the home office

People who work from the home office will have great fun with the UPERFECT monitor. I tested both a newer Windows notebook from Lenovo and an older MacBook Pro from 2016.
The Lenovo notebookcan be easily connected and used with just one USB-C cable to the UPERFECT monitor. The color representation is first class and leaves the integrated screen of the Lenovo notebook far behind. Both the contrast and the color saturation are optimally set ex works. If you still want to make adjustments in this regard, you can do so in the monitor’s settings menu. Here I also lowered the brightness of the UPERFECT monitor in order to create approximately the same lighting ratio as the Lenovo screen, which, mind you, is set to the highest brightness level. If you want, you can also use the touchscreen for operation. Since I personally prefer to work with a mouse and keyboard, I didn’t need this feature as much. For users who regularly use applications such as Photoshop, Paint or Illustrator, a touchscreen is of course a must-have.

With the MacBook Pro, the comparison was more exciting for me than in the previous scenario. Because it is well known that Apple builds excellent screens in all of their products. And here, too, the UPERFECT monitor can shine. As you can see from the photos, the panel is on par if not superior to Apple’s. Since my MacBook is from 2016 and does not have a USB-C port, the connection to the external monitor is made using an HDMI cable. This also shows immediately that the various ports of the UPERFECT monitor are extremely practical. If HDMI is used as the input source, the UPERFECT monitor must also be supplied with power. You simply use the micro-USB power supply, which is included in the scope of delivery.

Impressive portable gaming monitor

Of course, we couldn’t resist testing the UPERFECT monitor in different games. Colorful titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Barth of the Wild or Kirby and the Forgotten Land come into their own because the colors are reproduced accurately and brightly on the built-in panel. But even dark titles like Skyrim manage to optimally transport the atmosphere of the game to the player without any display errors. In principle, the Nintendo Switch is a very good source for the monitor, since Nintendo Switch games do not deliver more than 60FPS anyway and the monitor accordingly remains within its capabilities. Fast-paced games that run at 90FPS or even 120FPS should be played on a 120Hz capable screen. To connect the Nintendo Switch to the external monitor, all you have to do is connect the devices using a USB-C cable and supply the UPERFECT monitor with additional power. A sufficiently strong power bank can of course also be used for this. I can imagine this combination being particularly cool in the car or on longer flights in order to be able to enjoy a higher-quality gaming experience. The sound is output via the UPERFECT screen, which, mind you, reproduces a better sound than the Nintendo Switch. to enjoy a higher quality gaming experience. The sound is output via the UPERFECT screen, which, mind you, reproduces a better sound than the Nintendo Switch. to enjoy a higher quality gaming experience. The sound is output via the UPERFECT screen, which, mind you, reproduces a better sound than the Nintendo Switch.


It is really impressive what performance and great functions such a flat monitor can bring. I grew up in a time when gigantic tubes and plasma televisions were normal. It is therefore fantastic to experience how the portable monitor from UPERFECT delivers such a great performance. The monitor can shine in almost all areas with its excellent design. Both the color display and the contrast are outstanding for a portable monitor in this price range. We can particularly recommend the monitor to people who work in the home office and are looking for a well-equipped second screen that can also be placed anywhere without any problems. The product is therefore also ideal for frequent travellers.

Casual gamers will also have a lot of fun with the monitor. Especially in connection with the Nintendo Switch you can’t go wrong with the product. All colors come into their own and are similar to the quality of an OLED panel.
Tournament gamers and e-sports enthusiasts should spend more money and get a 120Hz screen to keep track of things in hectic scenes.

UPERFECT 4k portable monitor rating

8.4 Great

With its 15.6-inch 4k portable monitor, UPERFECT has put a first-class product on the market. The monitor is available on Amazon for €399.99, which is absolutely fair given all the features it contains. Basically, we can recommend the product to anyone who is looking for a portable and true-color monitor. Thanks to the many connections, every source device can be connected effortlessly and without annoying dongles.

  • Build Quality 10
  • Connections 9
  • Picture Quality 8
  • Sound 7
  • Design 8
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0
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