Publisher Keper Interactive and developer Awaceb revealed that their new upcomming Open-World Adventure Tchia will launch on March 21 and will make its way to Playstation Consoles and PC.

To get a glimpse into the charming world of Tchia, there was also a brand new story trailer focusing on the game’s antagonist.

When her father is abducted and her home is taken over by Meavora, the archipelago’s tyrannical ruler, Tchia, the game’s heroine, embarks on a grand adventure fueled by mystical wonder and disarmingly tender moments. As players traverse this fictional land inspired heavily by the island nation of New Caledonia, they’ll be introduced to a variety of new cultures, traditions and languages. Along the way, Tchia will unlock her own otherworldly abilities, letting her soul-jump into animals and objects found across her home in order to solve puzzles, traverse freely and avoid danger. Using this ability, her trusty slingshot and a magical ukulele, players will guide Tchia as she bravely frees her home from the clutches of this tyrannical god.

To get more news about the game, you can have a look on its official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and TikTok channels.

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