Nexon is pleased to share their first development update for their highly-anticipated medieval-fantasy sword-fighting multiplayer game, Warhaven. In this video update, the development team behind Warhaven discuss the results of their recent open beta test, providing insights into player preferences and feedback, as well as diving into some of the community’s most frequently asked questions. Along with the new data and answered questions, the video also confirms that Warhaven is expected to release into Steam Early Access later this year.

Following a warm New Year message from Warhaven’s Game Director Eunseok Yi, the new video explores some aspects of Warhaven’s design that the community has been inquiring about, including the game’s setting, the lore, and the inspiration behind the game’s art style, which the team aptly describes as “Swordpunk”, given how swords and tools are used as building blocks for many of the battlefield’s architecture.
Player feedback is of the utmost importance to Nexon, which is why the development team have been hard at work following last year’s beta test, updating Warhaven with lessons learned from the beta. Upcoming changes will make it easier for new players to get started and learn the core gameplay mechanics, making sure that combat is nuanced but still difficult to master, and balancing the game to provide a fun challenge for all players, even the most experienced ones.
Warhaven combines hand-to-hand combat with team-based gameplay, offering players a visceral and rugged fantasy sword-fight experience. Players can choose from a diverse roster of melee-weapon and magic-based combatants to join 16v16 battles on various battlegrounds, and can even transform into powerful beings known as “Immortals” to unleash brutal havoc that can turn the tide of war in your favor.
Warhaven will be available on Windows PC through Steam in 2023. For more information, please visit the official website and Steam game page or jump on the conversation by joining Warhaven’s official Discord server.
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