The stars are aligning once more, and the forgotten pathways to the realm of Phantasma re-open. It’s almost time to return to the city of Aphes, as the Call Of The Paragons DLC arrives this February 23rd for Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars on PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Look to the stars and the trailer below for a vision of the challenges that await beyond.

Call Of The Paragons brings new environments, challenges and boss battles to Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars. Prove yourself by conquering the main story and crown yourself a hero, then journey to the shrines around Aphes and travel beyond to Phantasma, realm of heroes. Face the Paragons—legendary warriors of eras past—and hone your skills against hordes of foes, devious environmental puzzles and seven thrilling new boss battles.

Those who rise to the challenge and can lay the heroes of the past low will be fittingly rewarded. The truly heroic and skilled may claim twelve new cosmic weapons imbued with the starry energies of Phantasma. None will question your place as a hero above all heroes, as your every step lies illuminated by mystic starlight.

The release of Asterigos: Call Of The Paragons will also be accompanied by a major update, free for all players. Expect quality-of-life improvements, another round of bug-fixes and some surprises that we’re excited to share on launch day. Prepare yourself and mark the day. On February 23rd, the Northwind Legion faces its greatest challenge. Your legend awaits.

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