I had the opportunity to send a few questions in writing to Hashbane Limited. These are the makers of the upcoming Instinction. This is a first short interview, and I will have the opportunity to speak to you again in the near future.

Tobias (PS4Source): ‘Can you please shortly describe what Instinction is about?’

Jade Sauders: ‘Instinction is a prehistoric action-adventure game in multiple awe inspiring natural locations set in modern times. The gameplay typically centres around combat and exploration of environments, puzzles and traps, fighting and survival. The environments draw heavily on New Zealand and South American forests, which generally have primeval flora, the architecture and ruins receive influences from multiple ancient civilisations long lost.’

Tobias (PS4Source): ‘When the game is finished, how many species do you think are in it?’

Jade Sauders: ‘Currently the game has 26 confirmed species, which we have every intention to be included in the initial release. We are considering adding 5 more to this list and have actively encouraged the community on social media to provide input on the types of extinct species they would like to see. Part of our roadmap includes providing an expansion to the game and DLC’s.’

Tobias (PS4Source): ‘Will the creatures are only going to try to kill you or are there like turf wars planned?’

Jade Sauders: ‘The game centres around a main protagonist who navigates through a beautiful yet treacherous world, it is not a dinosaur simulator. However there are instances in the game where you will be able to play as a dinosaur to complete certain objectives.’

Tobias (PS4Source): ‘Everywhere Instinction is described as that long awaited spiritual successor to Dino Crisis. How does this make you feel? Does this put like a certain amount of extra weight on your shoulders?’

Jade Sauders: ‘The game began its life as a passion project with a few of our staff and is very much inspired by dinosaur games as a whole, this includes Dino Crisis, Trespasser and Turok, but it’s not limited to the dinosaur genre, collectively we love adventure, horror and combat games. Tomb Raider, Gears of War, Far Cry, Alien: Isolation are great examples of games we all enjoy playing and Instinction is a combination of elements and experiences found in all these games. We’d love to be able to create our own path within the dinosaur genre, any comparison to Dino Crisis, be it directly or indirectly stands an immense compliment and a comparison which we would need to respect and honour by making Instinction an incredible experience in our own game. We don’t think anyone except Capcom should make a modern Dino Crisis, until then and indeed if that ever happened, we want Instinction to serve as an alternative alongside Dino Crisis.’

Tobias (PS4Source): ‘I just recently report about you making an Opinion poll which extinct creature the community would like to see in the game. So my question about that is: How important is the contact to your community?’

Jade Sauders: ‘It’s what we’ve tried to do from the start and a logical approach, being a new game most future players are not exactly sure what to expect just yet. By including opinions from the community, everyone willing to provide input gets to have a say in the development to a certain degree, it feels like a natural and important approach and we’ve received an overwhelming response (not just on social media but also directly through our website), which we genuinely cherish and appreciate.’

Thanks again to Hashbane Limited for the opportunity and for providing the imagery used in the article. You can visit their official website here.

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