Long-running RPG and strategy game studio Chimera Entertainment has announced Songs of Silence, an original strategy title in development for PC. In a beautiful fantasy realm torn apart, two worlds with multiple sub-factions wage eternal war, ignorant to the growing threat of the life-devouring Silence. Command your faction and conquer your rivals through military might, subterfuge, or arcane means with a unique blend of turn-based kingdom management, exploration, real-time battles, meticulous decision-making, and card-based gameplay.

Alexander Kehr, Creative Director at Chimera Entertainment

Songs of Silence is a true passion project for us, conceived all the way back in 2019. It took inspiration from some of our all-time favorites, such as Ogre Battle, Kohan, and Warlords. We want to focus on conquest and army management in a genuinely interesting fantasy world, with as much replayability as possible. A pure experience.

Songs of Silence offers a fresh spin on card-based mechanics. Instead of collecting and building a deck, cards represent the unique actions granted by heroes and locations. Each faction and hero has their own distinct play style on the turn-based strategic map and in real-time combat. Choose your heroes and lead them through a story-driven single-player campaign or competitive multiplayer, brought to life with vivid artwork, in addition to an epic score from acclaimed Final Fantasy Tactics composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Game Features:

  • Two Worlds at War: Lead mighty armies, exploring the world on the strategic map to gain a tactical advantage. Outwit your opponents with deadly ambushes, and manage precious resources to rebuild the ravaged land and defeat your rival kingdoms.
  • Master Dynamic Real-Time Battles: Unleash your forces in fast-paced, real-time battles and drive them to victory by playing powerful combat cards from your heroes.
  • Make Strategic Decisions: Carefully construct your armies from more than 100 different units to counter whatever the enemy may throw at you. Songs of Silenceoffers a wide variety of viable builds, from wild monster stampedes to defensive lines of war machines.
  • Wield Powerful Cards of Fate: Choose from hundreds of cards offering a nearly limitless range of possibilities, like burning down entire cities or spreading the life-consuming Silence.
  • Progress with Each Playthrough: Songs of Silence rewards multiple playthroughs with a roguelite progression system. Unlock new factions, heroes, campaigns, maps and more with each game.
  • A Vibrant Fantasy Universe: Discover an original, atmospheric world captured with colorfully detailed, art nouveau-inspired visual design and compelling voice-over narration.
  • Single-player & Multiplayer Modes: Play on your own in the story-based single-player campaign, or face off against real opponents in fast-paced online multiplayer for up to six players.
  • Legendary Music: Experience an evocative score by renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Valkyria Chronicles).
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